Concept of cat breeds

The Concept of cat breeds, as we know it today, has its origin towards the middle of the 50’s, at the same time as the cat shows, which became known with a great acceptance, by the society. There are currently more than 100 breeds and classes of cats in the world.

1.) Big Cat Breeds

Listing of the largest/middle-sized breeds, ordered from most to least:

  • Maine Coon
  • Savannah
  • Norwegian Forest
  • Siberian Cat
  • Radgoll
  • British Shorthair
  • Burmese cat
  • Turkish Angora
  • Persian Cat
  • Siamese cat
  • Bengali cat
  • Exotic cat
  • Russian Blue
  • Nebelung
  • Himalayan Cat
  • Turkish van
  • Oriental Cat

2.) Hairless Cats Breeds

There are a variety of breeds of hairless cats, which are characterized by the almost visible absence of hair, extremely short hair or partially bald. Let’s highlight the best known ones.

  • Sphynx or Sphinx cat

Exotic, rare, beautiful, strangeā€¦ even alien-looking have come to define this cat race that is characterized by the “absence” of hair. The cat Sphynx or Sphinx produces fascination and curiosity.

  • PeterBald

Although their conformation and appearance can be related to the appearance of the skin of a Sphynx cat and the conformation and figure of an oriental short-haired cat, the Peterbald is by itself, a breed of its own.

  • Lykoi

Lykoi cats are also called wolf cats, because of their physical appearance so similar to that of a small wolf, where their fur and eyes are the characters that make them so peculiar.

3.) Small Cat Breeds

We list the cats that are slimmer and smaller than usual. They usually weigh less than average, although they are just as lively and curious.

  • Munchkin

The Munchkin breed is characterized by small or medium size and short legs, but the torso and tail are normal size, so they are considered as cats that do not grow.

  • Burmese

The Burmese cat is a breed of cat that will not leave you indifferent. This explains how from its remote origins it ended up expanding to all the continents, especially to America, at the beginning of the 20th century.

  • American Curl

There is a cat that has curled ears, which give it a funny and tender air, and it is no other than the American Curl cat. Why does it have ears like that?

  • Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold cats are originally from Scotland and arise from a genetic mutation that occurred in the first Scottish Fold cat named Suzie.

  • Burmilla

The Burmilla cat is not one of the best known. As a lover of these cats, we are sure you will be interested in knowing the peculiarities that make it special.

  • Abyssinian

We will talk to you about the Abyssinian, so that you can get to know it a little better, and we will also tell you some curious facts about it.

  • Bombay Cat

The origin of the Bombay cat dates back to 1950. We are going to tell you more interesting things about the Bombay, like its origin, character, care and curiosities.

  • Korat

They already appear in the cat book poem, an old Thai writing, and they talk about the silver-blue si-sawat, different from other blue cats. Get to know it.

  • Japanese Bobtail

Although today it is a breed that is widespread throughout the world, the bobtail cat is a species that is native to Asia. In fact, it shares physical traits with other species of cats of these origins.

  • Balinese Cat

The Balinese cat has a special origin, because it is not clear that one of its special characteristics, as the long hair, has been present in the Siamese cat, from which it comes.

  • Singapura

The Singapura is a fascinating cat, with a character and curiosities that make him unique to other cats. Come and meet the Singapore cat.

4.) Breeds of Curly-Haired Cats

  • Laperm

The Laperm is a little known cat. We talk about its origin, character, characteristics and if it is hypoallergenic.

  • Devon Rex

It is said that he is possibly one of the most intelligent cats there is. That’s why they’re so passionate about puzzle-type toys.

  • Cornish Rex

The origin of the Cornish Rex cat takes us to the year 1950, in a farm of Bodmin, in Cornwall (England). There, a kitten with curly hair appeared in a litter of a feral cat that lived very close by.

  • Selkirk Rex

Selkirk Rex, is a curly-haired cat, originally from the United States in 1987, when a very particular event took place, in an animal shelter, in Sheridan, Montana.

Medium breed cats

  • Common European Cat

It is also known as an alley cat or Roman cat. It is the most common cat in many homes, intelligent, strong and sociable.

  • Snowshoe

The Snowshoe cat has its appearance in 1960, in the United States, when the breeder Dorothy Hinds, decides to recover a peculiarity of the first Siamese cats.

  • Carthusian Cat

The Carthusian or Chartreux cat being native to Turkey and Iran is possibly one of the oldest cat breeds in existence.

  • Egyptian Mau

The Egyptian Mau, is one of the oldest breeds in the world. Let’s learn more about this unknown, as well as special, cat.

  • Ocicat

The Ocicat cat is a great unknown in the world of cat breeds. He is an adventurous cat, meowing and talking, very intelligent and loves to explore.

  • Toyger

The origin of this special cat is due to Judy Sugden, who wanted to create a cat breed that emulated the great Indian tiger, back in the mid-80s, in the United States.

  • Manx cat

The cat Manx, was presented in society for the first time in 1860, in the first cat shows and had great success, for its unusual feature and a very special character.

Genetic varieties in the characteristics of a cat, such as hair length, paw size or pattern of pattern, are called dominant, only if half of one allele is needed to manifest and are called recessive if both parts are needed.

Oriental Cat Breeds

Oriental cat breeds, generally were evolved in warmer climates, where it was important to regulate body temperature and lose heat, rather than keep it, hence their stylized body, increasing their body surface area in relation to their size. How? with large ears, elongated head, long legs and thin bodies, to eliminate excess heat.

Pedigree in Cats

Cats with pedigree are selectively bred according to a certain body type, the colour of their internal and external coat, the size and other characteristics that will be considered, typical of a breed.

If you choose the latter, it is very important to do it with the greatest responsibility (also in adoption) and always through specialized breed catteries, that give all the guarantees of health, care and ethics, towards the kittens and their parents.