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What Are Healthy Dog Treats Anyways?

The world has changed in how we raise and take care of our animals, especially with how we take care of our dogs.  It wasn’t long ago when the typical American family would only feed their dogs the leftover scraps from the table.   Dog food was unheard of, it was something for high society and wasn’t around for regular people.  Dog treats were often bones that came from the dinner table but were not the best thing for dogs.   The shards from bones sometimes causes stomach ulcerations or even blockages of the intestines that led to an early demise.

As the decades progressed and Americans became more informed and understanding of the needs of their dogs, they also understood that healthy dog treats did not consist of bones thrown from the kitchen table, but instead from more nutritional, homemade goods made of baked scraps of this or that and tied together with some form of fat or molasses which proves a much more easily digestible and healthy alternative for pets.   Various nutritional supplements can be buried within the best dog treats, making them not only tasty treats but also packed with the extra vitamins they need.

A friend of ours had a dog who required daily doses of bone and joint supplements, as the dog was old.  Turns out he made treats for dogs with these supplements baked into them, making them the best dog treat that an owner can provide to a pet.   The pet loves the treats and gets the medicine they require without being afraid of what you bury inside the treat before you give it to the dog.

Don’t be fooled by large companies who sell dog treats in mass quantities and pass them off as healthy dog treats.   Most likely these treats are loaded with chemicals, byproducts and often things that are leftover and laying around on the floor, literally.    If you’re conscious about what your dog eats and how your dog reacts to nutritional treats, then you should seek out quality dog treats from local vendors who cater to the canine community.

I often find the best treats at the farmer’s market, or even at the local food co-op, where entrepreneurs sell their goods to the public and often find new customers with dogs who are not only health-conscious but also receptive the new types of nutritional dog treats.   The price is often a little more than the wholesale garbage you’d find at a grocery store, but the quality is well worth the price.

My homebrew supply store provides some recipes for healthy dog treats using the leftover grains from my homebrews, so I gave one of these recipes a whirl after brewing my last all-grain recipe of Roadside Ale, and my dog loved each and every treat.   Some were mixed with bacon fat, others with molasses but they all had an abundance of filling-station spent grain from my homebrew and what a treat they were!   You don’t have to be a homebrewer to make the world’s best dog treat, but it does help.