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Interactive Dog Toys Brighten Your Pup’s World

Just like their masters, dogs hate boredom. Best toys for dogs will keep them engaged while strengthening the bond between you and your furry friends. Depending on the personality of your pet and the skills that you want them to develop, you could choose a variety of toys including treat dispensing toys, puzzles, sensory toys and indestructible dog toys among many other interactive dog toys.

Treat toys

These cool dog toys give your puppy immediate gratification when playing as they allow the dog to retrieve little snacks as they engage in the games. The pups are required to perform an activity such as rolling the ball or pulling the snack from a pocket before getting the reward. You can also fill some toys with your dog’s favorite food to keep them busy. All dogs love these toys; they will keep playing long after you have left the house.


You can also buy puzzles for your dog. These are designed to test your dog’s memory and develop their ability to remember. Just like with treat toys, your dog will engage in some activities such as pulling or pressing the toys to get a reward on completion. Solving puzzles gives your dog some form of physical and mental exercise as they will hunt for hours to get the reward. It is also entertaining to watch them play. With these toys, life is bound to get very interesting for both dog and master.

Sensory toys

Many dogs love these toys which are intended to stimulate senses like touch, sound and taste. Squeaky toys are among the best dog toys to keep pets occupied for a short time. You can toss them for your dog to fetch, hide them to encourage them to hunt or play a tug of war game with your dog. Sensory toys are the most common as you can buy them online, in physical pet stores or the supermarket. Additionally, like other types of dog toys online,they are easy to clean since most of them are made or rubber.

Aggressive chewer toys

Before buying a toy, it is important to understand your dog’s personality. If they are aggressive and love to play rough, a chew toy made of indestructible material will be perfect for them and will allow them to play for a long time without coming apart.  Most of these are made of tough rubber that could last for months. Some might be squeaky, so if your four legged friend does not like noise, be sure to get them non-Squeaky ones. Play time should be a breeze for everyone.


By and large, it is important to buy toys for your dog not just to keep them busy, but also to develop skills that allow them to stay sharp. Further, toys reduce boredom and separation anxiety, especially when you have to leave your pet alone or when you need them to be quiet because you are having visitors over.  So always strive to go for a couple of toys and make the world brighter for both you and your dog.