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Why Particular Leashes Work So Well

Different dogs require different leashes. The dog leash may seem like a punishment sometimes but it is also a simple way to keep a dog under control, something that is needed in some environments. However, not all dogs need the same leash, and so there are different kinds of leashes. The best dog leashes are those that give the dog a lot of freedom while at the same time allowing the owner to control the dog as needed. What that means exactly is of course up to each owner to determine for their dogs.

The three basic approaches to leashes are the leash, the lead, and chokers. Of these chokers are on the way out because even the best tend to be risky when it comes to the health of the animal; there have just been too many accidents involving serious injury and it was more for the sake of a tough appearance rather than actually maintaining control. As for the other two, the basic difference is more cultural than anything else as dog leads are seen more for pet shows and more casual walking while leashes are seen more for high-energy dogs and more general purpose actions. However, there are no real differences beyond branding for the most part.

That said, the best dog leashes allow for some flexibility of control. As the person holding the leash needs to maintain some level of control but also should allow the animal some freedom, the needs to reflect that. The handle needs to be tough but feel comfortable so that it can be jerked back if necessary and allows for a lot of tugging from the animal. It also needs to connect to the dog collar easily and with no real risk of coming off easily; it should come off only by the collar breaking apart. The material itself needs to stretch a little; in situations where the leash is jerked it should allow for a second or so before it stops the dog’s forward momentum completely.

The leather dog leash is probably the best compromise available. It is not as fragile as plastic leashes, which are prone to breaking apart in with the slightest provocation, and leather leashes have enough give to them that they represent a minimal health risk to the animal in question. The leather dog leash is also likely to last longer than other materials and is less likely to wear out. The leather dog leash is also more nature-friendly, for those who are worried about it.

The retractable dog leash is another great option. It allows the dog a lot of room to wander and that radius can be set as situations warrant it. Also, because it retracts whenever there is any slack, it eliminates a lot of potential room for accidents. The only preventing them from being the best dog leashes is that very retractability as it also limits the control of the person holding the leash. With these options available it is easy to find an option that fits your needs and ensures that your dog is safe in any situation.