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How To Choose The Best Dog Food

Every pet parent wants to provide the best nutrition possible for their pet. But the real question is what does that even look like? Is there a best dog food for every dog? There are many factors to consider with this.

No Dog Food Offers Complete Nutrition

The thing to keep in mind when looking for a good dog food is that no one you purchase will give your dog perfect nutrition. It is impossible because they do not offer a range of different proteins, vegetables, and other nutrients to do this. It would be equivalent to eating a super healthy dinner every day. Is that meal healthy? Sure, though it will not provide you with everything you need. The same is true when looking at the best dog foods.

How to Get the Best Nutrition for Your Dog

Many vets are now recommending people move to feeding their dog a rotational diet. This can happen in a variety of ways but the most common is with a rotation between dry kibble, wet food, raw food, and cooked food. Don’t be scared of this because it involves changing your dog’s diet or people food. Both can be completely healthy when done properly.

Some people will rotate at each meal while others will rotate between the types of food on a daily basis or longer. It depends on how your dog handles the food.

The reason this is a popular choice is because it provides more balanced nutrition and cuts down on processed foods and preservatives in the dog’s diet. In addition to this it can help with digestive issues in dogs that are solely fed kibble. This is because kibble is very dry and can take away much of the needed water the dog intakes. By rotating in foods that are not so dry, the digestive tract is able to work easier.

Tips for Reading Bags to Find the Best Food for Dogs

When you are looking at the bags it can be hard to determine which one is right for your dog. There are several marketing ploys used by even the top dog food brands to sell more packages. For instance, natural dog food does not necessarily mean anything. Along with this, brands that claim their mixture is breed specific are generally just trying to market to that demographic without any real benefit.

Look for healthy dog food that is free of wheat and soy as these are simply fillers. Know the type of meat that is in the dog food, which the top dog foods will provide for you. This will help you to find the best brand.

Tips for Feeding Raw and Cooked Food to Dogs

When rotating in raw and cooked foods for your dog, make sure you do not add in extra seasonings, especially salt as this is bad for your dog. You should also boil, bake or roast the food rather than cook it in oils which will only add additional calories and fats your dog will have a harder time processing. Take the time to look up the list of unsafe foods for dogs so you do not inadvertently give your dog something that is harmful to them.