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How A German Shepherd Dog Taught My Kids Responsibility

If you’re looking for a pet that will teach your kids to become more conscientious and responsible, look no further than the black German Shepherd. Black German Shepherds can be the perfect family pets given that they’re smart, mischievous and fun-loving. More importantly, they never give anyone the chance to forget that they’re around. This is something that my kids learned the hard way and fast.

When we bought out German Shepherd dog, my kids all had their hearts set on getting a big dog – and boy did our puppy get big fast. In addition to picking up bigger than average poops, my youngsters had to adapt quickly to a fairly demanding temperament. If our pet wasn’t getting enough attention, he’d show his displeasure by chewing up the remote control, someone’s phone or a pair of shoes. Over time, we all learned that scheduled, daily walks, lots of snuggles and plenty of cooing conversation were all important. If our dog felt neglected, he would not let us get away with it.

Another thing that my kids discovered, however, is that meeting the needs of a pet can be incredibly rewarding. They never felt safer when bedding down at night then when they had Rusty by their sides. One thing that many people don’t know about these dogs is that they’re almost impossibly intelligent. This gives them an incredible, human-like quality that makes them the absolute best of companions and friends.