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Is A Black German Shepherd The Right Dog For You?

Before you spontaneously purchase or adopt a black German Shepherd, it’s important to learn all that you can about these loving and incredibly intelligent animals. They make excellent companions for people who are truly prepared to provide all the attention and care that they require. Although these pets are surprisingly smart and very loving, owning a German Shepherd dog entails a considerable amount of work.

What Black German Shepherds Need

Much like every other dog, these pets will need food, water and regular grooming. You’ll need an extra large crate and a large, outdoor space in which your pet can play. If you live in an apartment or a condo, this probably isn’t the right pet for you. These dogs bark loud and often and it will take a considerable amount of training to curb this behavioral issue in most instances. Moreover, dogs like these need ample exercise and thus, you should be prepared to take long walks, have easy access to a local dog park and have a fenced-in yard. It doesn’t hurt to be surrounded by dog-loving neighbors either.

Getting plenty of exercise makes German Shepherds far less likely to pounce or jump up on their owners and guests. You will additionally need to give your dog several hours of attention each day. All in all, these characteristics and needs make these animals ideal for couples and families who are jointly committed to raising, interacting with and stimulating their new pets.